Fairground and BettingAppStore become partners in developing new app for punters

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As an experienced and reputable bookmaker in the sports betting sphere, Fairground can no longer continue in providing the audience only traditional desktop experience. On the contrary – as soon as the plans of the company get accomplished, it will finally evolve into a mobile bookmaker. You might be still keen on betting via your personal computer, but never forget that the more technologies develop, the easier it will be to use mobile apps. So, please, do not pass by the new opportunity Fairground is planning for you – a completely new experience in betting on sports, with no limitations as to time and place and with super set of modern options and features.
We will no longer worry or trouble you with these suspicious news and promises we give you. So let us say it directly – Fairground company is planning to hit the mobile sports betting market. How can this happen with no support? Well, Fairground has prepared finely and the support is already available. The big and exclusive news is that Fairground and BettingAppStore become partners in developing new app for bettors. The app, of course, will fully correspond to the newest needs of the customers that the page has already registered or is about to register. Because let`s face it – the bookmaker has a big potential to grow even more and to attract even more clients. All of them will need it – mobile sports betting with a faultless and modern mobile app. And the app is promised to be really cool. It will have a very simple to be operated and used interface. The app is supposed to be downloaded and then, installed directly on your mobile device – either the smartphone from your pocket or your personal tablet. In all cases, the apps will be available for different devices. So whether you use an Android-based or iOS device, you will be able to use the newest Fairground mobile app. The installation will require no specific or extra IT skills. Just click on the install button and in few seconds you will have a chance to bet on the go directly from your mobile device. And here`s what – you will not need to make some new registrations or accounts. If you are already a Fairground user, you can just fill in your personal data – user name and password – in the app section for login and then just begin placing your bets. While you betting with your brand Fairground mobile app, you will be able to see several additions that will simplify your betting. But you will see them your own eyes, so do not make us ruin the whole surprise. And please make sure you regularly check out if the app is out. You do not have to miss it for anything in life. Fairground and BettingAppStore have prepared for you something really cool!