Best betting bonus types and bookies

sports betting bonus

There are two things that can make your sports gambling activity really funny and profitable – the proper bookie and the good bonus. Of course, many other features determine your bets and winnings, too, but when it comes to the bonuses and the brokers, there is no doubt that you need to pay some really serious attention at them. We are about to tell you few very important things and to give you some really nice tips as to the best betting bonus types and as to the bookies, as well. Read them now and have them all in mind, when you decide to continue or begin your sports betting activity again! Well, let`s get started.

What Is a Bonus And What Is a Bookie?

sports betting bonusBefore telling you which the best are, let`s find out what exactly the bonus and the bookie are in your gambling activity. And since a bookie is a more general term, here is what we can say about it. The bookie might be either the company that stands behind and owes the betting website you have chosen, or the platform, itself. Usually, the bookie is a company that has an official license to operate on the gambling market or the web page, where you make a registration, open an account, make deposits and gamble. The sports betting bonus, on the other side, is the special promotion a bookie offers to its clients. The special promotion might be also called an offer or a gift, but in general it is a form of reward that is provided for free by the company. Indeed, you do not pay anything to get a bonus, but you receive it as a compliment from the sports betting company. Though, have in mind that there are many sports bonus types, which have their own special terms and conditions – rules – for getting the bonus and use it.

What Are The Best Types of Sports Bonus?

And now, here is the full list of the best types of sports betting bonuses on offer you can see and meet during your sports betting adventure.

Welcome bonus

This bonus can be no deposit bonus – you do not have to make an initial primary deposit to get it – or an ordinary primary deposit, where you need to cover the minimum amount requirement to receive the special promotion. These bonuses are given only to new customers on the sports betting website.

Reload bonus

On the contrary, any next deposit you make, can get you an additional sum of money due to the rules of the reload bonus. In most cases, this promotion is measured in % and the final amount of your gift is based on this % special offer. For example, the bonus is 100%, you make a deposit of $100, which means that eventually you will have $200.

Free bets

Many sports bookies offer free bets as bonuses, too. Such a bonus offers you the chance to make absolutely free of charge sports bets, which means that you do not have to make a deposit to bet, but you can still have your winnings in the end.

Online casino bonus

Live casino dealer bonuses are determined according to the game you choose – for instance, first goal bonus, live casino cricket bonus and etc.

Mobile bonus

If you choose to switch to mobile betting and you remain on the same bookie, you will get a new bonus on your mobile device!
To choose the best sports betting website as to its bonus system is always a good idea, but there are other factors you should consider, too – customer support, safety and betting styles!